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Petitie: "Bring R.E.M. to Romania !!!"

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R.E.M. is an alternative rock band that I really wish would come to Romania!!!
So in order to convince everyone I'm right (even if everybody knows them and there's no need), I'm going to mention some important facts in their formation as a band, succesfully and melodically singing together and enchanting my ears :)
Michael Stipe met Peter Buck in 1980 in the Athens record store where Buck worked. They discovered that they shared similar tastes in music, particularly punk rock and protopunk artists like Patti Smith and The Velvet Underground. Stipe said, "It turns out that I was buying all the records that he (Peter Buck) was saving for himself".
Stipe and Buck soon met fellow University of Georgia students Mike Mills and Bill Berry, who had played music together since high school.
That was the moment they decided to try playing together, and after considering names like "Cans of Piss", "Negro Wives" and "Twisted Kites" for their band, they decided to name themselves R.E.M., which Stipe selected at random from a dictionary.
This is a short story of their beginning (and I don't have to tell you what followed their getting together :)
So if you agree with me and really wish for them to come to Romania so that we can hear them live, please sign this petition.


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Destinatar: Vodafone Romania, Coca Cola Romania
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